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Film Africa Tv Yabantu, Yesintu, Siphakamisa isintu nobuntu base Africa. Sithi Phambili ngamasiko. Asibuyeleni emuva emasikweni.

Ubuntu Ngubuntu Ngabantu.  maAfrica maAfrica asibambaneni emasikweni.

Millions of people daily watch and share videos online .

Film Africa TV is Mama Africa media company, that produces and delivers content across multiple media platforms to Inform, Entertain, Empower, Protect and Preserve African Culture and Talents.

As a Multi Channel TV Network (MCN), We Empower Independent Film Makers, Artists, Performers and Brands, who are passionate about creating localized content for Television, Film &  Music, that is Local Ubuntu Drama, Documentaries and TV Shows focused on the African Continent Culture..

Watch What You Are Missing?

- Our Aim is to engage young Africans into Film Making Opportunities -


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Artists, Publishers, Labels

Protect your assets Online

Get paid when someone uses your videos or music

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Have Total Control Of  Your Assets on Multiple Plartforms.



CREATE    –    ENCODE       –       PUBLISH     –   MONETIZE     –   PROTECT    –   GROW

enter the evolution of DIGITAL TV

Empowering Creators in Motion Picture, Music And Television

Utilize Our Production Facilities

Video Production Studio

4K Ultra HD Cinema Production

Got Content Ideas ? Create Custom Content or collaborate with Film Africa for your future TV shows.

Go beyond your imagination by making use of our Green Screen Studio.

Get professional results : Use our studio lights for that higher definition clear shot.

Utilize our State of the art video editing suit for all your post production needs.

Softwares : Sony Vegas ProAdobe Suits and Apple Production Applications

All Your Production  Needs in one place – From script ideas to delivery done all within Film Africa Studios.



Music Recording Studio

Professional Sound Recording

We have own in-house Qualified and Experienced Sound Engineers to help you with all your sound needs.

Record own Music or edit your existing Music.

Record Voice Overs , Sound Effects in the studio and Field  to capture environmental sounds.

Audio Format
- Store or Export higher quality compressed or uncompressed audio or music files(WAV,AIFF,MP3,AAC,FLAC, PCM and many more.

Film Africa TV provides you with an end to end service, no need to look any further. we mean business.


How Our Team works For You ?

We are extension Members – It means that your project can be assisted at every step of the way offering advice and practical help on many aspects of developing and producing your film.

We put your success at the forefront of everything we do. We are a reliable extension members of your team working for you.

Save Costs- With the drastic changes in this digital world, we stay dedicated and at the top helping you save time and costs of training and hiring new staff.

Support- Our support is available 7days a week, answering all your questions or requests. we are creators we do not sleep but we rest.



Higher Quality Video Formating

We understand the importance of Higher Quality Video.
Using our STATE OF THE ART Facilities, we encode videos to make them available to download, play and stream in all devices and platforms. Making sure higher quality playback on any devices, laptops, Android phones or iPads.
Videos are encoded in various formats , Standard Definition (SD), Higher Definition (HD) (for mobile devices (IOS),we insure the best delivery quality to all devices and platforms.

Cinema Encoding

UHD Utra High Defination – Currently there are 2 forms of Ultra HD, 4K and 8K, both have an aspect ratio of 16:9:

4K Ultra HD (2160p) has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 (8.3 megapixels), which is roughly equivalent to 4K cinema or 4 times the number of pixels in Full HD format (1080p).

8K Ultra HD (4320p) produces an astonishing 7,680 × 4,320 pixel resolution (33.2 megapixels), which is roughly the equivalent of an IMAX film or 16 times the pixel resolution of Full HD (1080p). To learn more please CONTACT US.



Generate Revenue

Monetize – This means placement of advertisements on your content by our advertisers Video ADs Networks.

Earn higher from our on direct ads-sales and other ads-video networks.

Ad Formats Management – This is the placement of in-video adds at selected points in time in the beginning, middle of the video and end depending on how long your video is : pre-roll ads, standard ads, inview ads,mid-roll adds and post-roll ads.

Product placement – make money advertising other brands product in your content. ads can be placed as product featured, links on annotations, verbal and display.

Collaborate – mix your shows idea around brand advertising. we help you set up and ready to go.


PUBLISH your content on own Website, YouTube, Muzu and many other Platforms


Make It Big On YouTube

YouTube Channel Management & Optimization

To help your videos and channels to succeed: We have developed an intimate understanding of how audiences discovers and engages with content, and using all available tools to take advantage of these insights leading to higher views and audience retention.


we make sure relevant ads are placed on your videos. targeting viewers, increased clicks and higher earnings.

Ad Formats Management – This is the placement of invideo adds at selected points in time in the beggining, middle of the video and end depending on how long your video is : pre-roll ads, standard ads, inview ads,mid-roll adds and post-roll ads.

Premium Ads – As a YouTube Premium Partner most adds targeted to your videos are of  higher value ranging from  $20 and above per click leading to higher earnings.

Digital Rights Management

Protect Your Assets Digital Finger Print Technology : use of Content ID to easily identify and manage your content online.

How It Works – Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to us by content owners. We then liase closely with you the Copyright owners to decide in advance what happens when content in a video on YouTube matches a work you own. When a match is found, rights holders can choose the following actions :

  • Mute audio that matches their music
  • Block a whole video from being viewed
  • Monetise the video by running ads against it
  • Track the video’s viewership statistics

Monitor the performance of your channels and videos.

*Earnings reports – including estimated earnings and ad performance reports.
*Views reports - including views, traffic sources, and audience retention reports
*Engagement reports – including subscribers and annotations reports.

*You keep 100% Total Control over your channels and uploads.
*Keep 100% rights and ownership of own produced content.
*Total visibility into your channel’s earnings from your channel dashboard. so you will know how much money you are making.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Protect Your Assets

Our industry leading expertise, relationships, and contacts across the industry with connected multi-platforms and partnerships around the world allow us to effectively manage the distribution and management of online content, ensuring that licensing is handled in a timely manner, and copyrights of our clients digital assets are protected against online piracy.

By leveraging Content ID’s real-time tracking of information within content distribution and digital rights platforms, content owners have the information needed to allow legal , use , streaming and downloads of their licensed assets, or restrict downloads where it is illegal.

digital rights management

Maximize Your Earnings

UGC: User Generated Content.

Your Content is open to mis-use and abuse. It is a very common practice that users copy and re-upload content that does not belong to them. Have no worries we take care of it for you. Using our system tools, rights holders have the option to Track – Block or Monetize.
ugc Turning piracy into one of your top revenue streams



Get Discovered

Get Featured In Adverts

With more and more Advertisers and Brands seeking for the next big thing online. User Generated content has never been so profiting.
Film Africa TV will preach to Advertisers & Brands on your behalf for content placement and advertisements.
For Advertisers We give access to a database of videos waiting to go viral.

This internationally popular dance duo has been featured on various ads from world cup to Share a Coke with Bobby and Diesel adverts.(Click To Watch)

Coca Cola

Content Rights Clearance

Content Sourcing

We acquire content usage rights from rights holders.

Advertisers and Newsrooms can re – discover news worthy and cleared content, from our database of longtime collection of User Generated Content waiting and, immediately available for your programming needs, social campaigns, News, TV shows, or Advertisements.

Gain access to videos ready to go viral – BUY VIDEOS




Ignite with Film Africa TV



For use in your Campaigns, Ads, Stock footage or Shows.


Utilize our Production Facilities

- 4K Ultra HD Production -

- Camera Crew -

- Green Screen Studio -

- Music Recording Studio -

- Post Production -

- Lighting -





Did you film something interesting with your phone or video camera ? or Seen something amazing and worth telling a story ? Press record and video then send to us and get paid ..


Upload your videos to us. We will review , copyright protect your videos so no one can use them, and then upload to our publishers 


Sometimes you just need quick cash, we will buy your video for a fixed price. 


Seat back as your video does its magic and wait for a paycheck.

Get payed through PaypalWestern UnionMoneygram or To Your Bank Transfer.


Our Philosophy

Passion leads to creativity, creativity leads to creation, creation leads to success!

- Film Africa TV Network -

Funding – $£

- Be inspired through film-making -


 Are you passionate about Film ?

We support projects from emerging and established filmmakers from all over the world.

we welcome applications for all kinds of film – from commercial mainstream to experimental, from genre movies , to TV Shows, to personal stories, from
documentaries to animation to live-action fiction.

What we looking for ?

If you can create videos that people want to watch and can grab attention ? or have an idea and want a camera crew ?  then you are a winner.

WE OFFER PRODUCTION FUNDING of up to $10,000/ R100.000.00 CONTACT US with your idea and show examples of your work if available. we will only get back to you if your idea is interesting. If it doesn’t work the first time ? then try again.


Get in touch with Film Africa!

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